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Initialize With Care

Pointers are funny things.  They are one of the make or break concepts for beginners, and even years later, they can cause grief to experienced developers.  I am no exception.  Here is one such story: I was faced with a class which I wanted to refactor.  It can be simplified as follows: In the interest of breaking up the responsibilities, I added a couple of interfaces. The idea is that I can pass around smart pointers to these interfaces and begin to decouple portions of the code.  For example, I can inject them into classes that need them: However, I made a mistake.  I blame it on years of using boost::intrustive_ptr instead of std::shared_ptr, but enough excuses.  Let's see if you can spot it. Do you see it?  If so, give yourself 5 points.  If not, maybe after seeing the output: 'second' going out of scope... Destructor 'first' going out of scope... 'root' going out of scope... All done... Both shared pointers ( first & second ) are created from the