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ClearSCADA Utilities

I have been using ClearSCADA software for the past year or so and have found it to be one of the better SCADA systems I've used.  However, certain tasks are just plain tedious.  Case in point: I have a certain template in ClearSCADA in which address property overrides did not get locked down properly.  Consequently address changes were made both in the template and individually in each of the instances.  In some cases the template has the right address; in some, the instance does.  To make matters worse, the template (and therefore each instance) has roughly 100 points.  Using ClearSCADA ViewX, the only way I know of to reconcile the addresses is to open each point in the template and each instance & compare them.  Yuck.  I can think of better ways to spend a day than clicking through 300 points one by one to compare addresses. I tried a SQL query to compare them, but turns out you cannot get a listing of points within a template using SQL in ClearSCADA (tech support says it&