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Windows can't find Samsung SSD

Yesterday, I got a new Samsung 840 EVO SSD to replace the slow hard drive in my Dell laptop.  I dutifully backed up my old drive and popped in the new SSD to restore it.  Windows, however did not show the drive in the "Computer" area.  Long story short...I simply had to open the Disk Management utility (Start > Right click "Manage" > Disk Management).  It immediately prompted me to format the MBR on the SSD.  Once I did, all went smoothly. I should note that I did not use the included Samsung Data Migration software.  I started to, but the data copy was going to take 10 hours; so, I stopped it.  I used Acronis TrueImage instead, which took only a couple hours.  Perhaps if I had used the manufacturer's software, I wouldn't have had an issue.