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Building the Perfect Ergo Workstation

Over the last few years, I've been evaluating the ergonomics of my workspace and making improvements.  That is, I've been trying to be proactive about the health problems that come from sitting at a desk full time ( sitting is the new smoking , and all that.). Along the way, I've done way too much research and plenty of tinkering, so I decided to share what I've learned.  I will try not to recycle what has already been written on the topic, but instead point to other resources for additional reading.  The purpose of this post is to share the products I have found and modifications I have made to those products in my quest to improve my workspace ergonomics. First, a few tidbits... Exercise The single best thing you can do for your health is get regular exercise.  No fancy ergo chair or standing desk will make up for lack of exercise.  Find a way to get your 30 minutes/day (minimum). Also, take regular breaks during the workday.  I have personally start