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Free Computer Cleanup Steps - Windows

Today I had a coworker ask me how to make his machine run faster. I'm no computer repair expert, but I whipped up an email with a few quick tips. I decided to post it here as well in case someone else ever asks me. The farther down the list you go, the more advanced the task. Don't proceed farther than you are comfortable or capable. Changing things with which you are not familiar can do irreparable damage to your machine. Get a good antivirus & run it daily. Make sure it is up to date. There are lots of good free ones: AVG, Avast!, Panda, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc. Read some comparisons online to see which is the best lately. I think Avast! & Avira are both decent. Ideally you want something with good detection ratings & little bloat. Download, Install, & run MalwareBytes: Download, Install, & run SpyBot: Go to Control P