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Selecting Software Tools

After a software tool is in place, it often extremely difficult to swap it out, so choosing a tool is something you should get right the first time.  However, I find that many companies/teams choose tools for all the wrong reasons.  For example: "This one is free." When comparing options, you will often find at least one open source offering which can be used free of charge.  To be clear, open source is awesome.  The best option for your needs might be open source, but "free" shouldn't be a criteria in most cases.  The Joel Test asks, "Do you use the best tools money can buy?".  Joel used hardware examples, but the concept applies to software tooling as well.  Developer time is typically the biggest expense in a dev shop, so selecting software tools that make devs more efficient is paramount.  Typically, the time cost of using the software will easily eclipse the licensing cost.  Heck, not just developers - sales people, testers, etc. are