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Learning How To Learn

Warning: Hastily written post ahead.  I may return to put some English on it....   Once upon a job, I noticed that many areas of the codebase suffered from significant code quality issues, with the immediate consequences being more bugs, higher support volume, higher maintenance costs, and lower customer trust. This also affected company's ability to grow, as these issues made the code inflexible.  To address these code quality issues, I started a training program. We did weekly lectures on development topics, taught by anyone from the team willing to teach. During that time, maybe a third of the team “upped their game” and started consistently putting out higher quality code. Another third dabbled with some of the concepts taught, and a few of those began limited inclusion of that material into their work. Finally, a remaining third essentially ignored the whole thing and hoped it would go away. I treated it as a "land & expand" type of approach, focusing on the thi