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Setting up Jenkins, GoogleTest, & Mercurial (with a local repository)

Over the past couple days, I've been trying out GoogleTest  and attempting to get it working with Jenkins for continuous integration.  I wanted to have the GoogleTest suite run during the Jenkins build and report the results to Jenkins.  I also wanted Jenkins to tie in with Mercurial commits for a seamless, automated system.  I suppose it wouldn't be Continuous Integration without it, right?  My inexperience with all three of the technologies led to a few pitfalls, which is my reason for this post... I wanted to get a working solution with a couple basic GoogleTest tests.  As a quick start, I found Lee Francis Wilhelmsen's blog post  and simply downloaded his solution (found in his "closing" section).  As he describes, I had to download the gtest code and link his projects to it.  In my case, I downloaded the gtest code to "C:\Projects\gtest-1.7.0".  Then, for each project in his solution, I opened the project properties and set "Additional Includ