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Multi-line text replacement with Powershell

A number of times recently I have had need of a script to replace a chunk of code or XML in a few dozen files. I've been enjoying Powershell lately; so I decided to use it to write the script. A couple challenges presented. First, the text replacement had to handle line breaks. Second, it had to handle (escape) special characters. It took me a couple hours and tips from a few different blog posts & Stack Overflow questions to get it right. So, I'll post the product here. $oldCode = @" /// <summary> /// My Old XML Comment /// </summary> public static new string ThingID { get { return "@ $newCode = @" /// <summary> /// My New XML Comment /// </summary> public new const string ThingID = "@ Get-ChildItem .\ -Recurse –Include “*.YourFileExtension” | foreach-object { $text = Get-Content $_.Fullname -Raw $text = $text -rep