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Working with external databases in ClearSCADA

I've been working with an external SQL database lately & trying to use ClearSCADA to present some data from it.  The hope is to give my users a single login & a cohesive user interface.  I realize ClearSCADA is not designed to be a general front end platform for any database, but given the fact that it offers the ability to query linked tables, I'm trying.  Below is what I've found so far in terms of limitations.  If anyone from Schneider happens across this, it may be good feedback for the developers.  Joins appear to be done in ClearSCADA rather than the RDMS.  This leads to some very inefficient queries.  I've seen one of my queries turned into 20 queries and then joined in ClearSCADA. The Mimic SQL List refreshes every 10 seconds.  Would be quite handy if this could be disabled and refreshed manually (via button or script).  On heavier queries, the page essentially freezes while the query runs. There is no way to get a value from a row displayed in th