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Google Voice, Skype, & the two ring problem

I have been a satisfied Google Voice user for about 6 months now.  If you're unfamiliar, GV is a service which (among many other features) allows you to have a single phone number that when called rings multiple phones.  So, when someone calls my GV number, it rings my mobile, my Skype, & my Gmail. I love the service, but a problem had been plaguing me until recently.  The problem was that when someone called my GV number, my mobile phone would only ring twice before hanging up.  I'm fairly quick to pick up the phone, but two rings is ridiculous!  I was missing a lot of calls on my mobile, but it didn't happen all the time.  After Googling for a while, I determined that it was likely a result of my Skype voicemail picking up the call before I had a chance.  So, I began looking through my Skype voicemail options.  To make a long story short, Skype has nice voicemail & call forwarding options with one huge caveat: When you're logged out of Skype, voicemail is AL