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College Advice

Recently I had a customer ask me for college advice as his son was a interested in a computer-related major.  I'm sure there are many better troves of such information online, but I thought I would post what I sent him in hopes that it may help someone else... GPA really is that important …especially in a technical field.  You may give up your social life for 4 years, but it will pay off when applying for your first few jobs out of school.  Come out of school with a good GPA, and you’ll have your choice of jobs and get paid more.  Get a poor GPA, and you’ll have to take what you can get.  Think of it this way: would you rather your doctor be a 4.0 student or a 2.5 student? Don’t take a load you can’t handle Employers care about GPA, they generally don’t care that you took a 31 credit hours in a single semester.  In fact, many hiring managers filter applications immediately by GPA.  You probably won’t even get the chance to explain that it’s low because you took a heavy